The Secrets of the Uintah Basin
May 10, 2023 6:00 PM
Michele Meiners and Jim Morse
The Secrets of the Uintah Basin

Michele’s genealogy is a blend of Navajo, Chippewa, and Pawnee Nations.  Her career focuses on improving the lives of native peoples by using private sector methods in Indian Country. Michele is unique in the native world in that she is a dedicated entrepreneur.  Michelecreates viable businesses in Indian Country by pairing leading-edge technologies and conventional methodologies with native businesses in Indian Country. Tribal profits supplement tribal revenue sources. Each tribe is culturally unique., thus her awareness of and sensitivity to this fact creates demand for her advice and consultation. Her business portfolio includes technologies that improve agriculture and water, which are both central to reservation economies. Her work benefits people around the globe. She serves and has served on several boards for Native American education scholarships programs.

Serendipity and Jim Morse inserted her for the last 6 years into the Uintah Basin where she has been investigating Native American Cultures’ correlations to phenomenal occurrences. This has led to her partnering with Dr. Jim Segala on the (MUPAS Project, Unidentified Phenomenon Tracking portal). She is continuing to explore whether there are links to her Native culture. Michele has appeared on such TV shows as the Weather Channel’s, Uncharted Adventures, Episode 8 that discussed the Uinta Basin’s unique cultural representations to Cosmos and its energy centers.

Jim Morse and Michele have often teamed in various ventures. Among those rousing adventures, Jim introduced Michele to is the growing curiosity about the natural phenomena in the Unita Basin. Theretofore, Jim was a real estate developer who developed the Towers at South Towne at 6550 South on the west side of I-15. He began his real estate career while walking his route as a mailman. He couldn’t play basketball, so he became alert to the real estate that he saw along his mail route. His interesting story is told in the best seller, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. However, his heart is in helping Native American communities and creating scholarship funds for their youth and fostering programs for American Indian services. 

He currently is the ranch manager of Skinwalker Ranch, but he is so much more than an “Ah shucks” kind of cowboy. He is Indiana Jones and Crocodile Dundee rolled into one.

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